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SAESHIN started small, but has grown to become a global company.

The dream is to grow again through change and innovation.

SAESHIN was established in 1976 and specializes in the manufacturing of dental handpieces and exports to 120 countries around the world.

The safety and quality of our products are recognized by the KFDA for the first time in the dental industry of Korea. SAESHIN is certified for medical device quality management, ISO9001, 13485, CEO120 by SGS company in the UK. SAESHIN won an export award three times due for exports reaching one million dollars in 2000, five million dollars in 2005, ten million in 2009. SAESHIN received the Daegu mayor’s citation, ministry of knowledge economy’s citation, and prime minister’s citation. Also, in 2008 SAESHIN was selected as a star company from Daegu for its technological advancements and vision.

The company’s name was changed to Saeshin precision Co., LTD as the firm became a corporation. The Implant engine, surgical handpiece, and endodontic engine were approved by the FDA from US and SFDA from china for the first time that opened the global market for Korea.

SAESHIN’s pledge is to respond quickly to our customer’s requirements, manage quality control and consistently develop new technology.


    • 2010.05Designated as a leading Daegu & Kyeongbuk economic region
    • 2010.06Designated as a patent brand star company
      (Daegu Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
    • 2010.12Designated as a world class company
      (Small and medium Business Corporation)
    • 2012.05Won the bronze medal for industrial effort from the national small
      and medium-sized business competition
    • 2012.09New company building completed (Seongseo 5th Industrial Complex)
    • 2012.11Won the 20 million dollars export award
    • 2013.10Designated as a global excellence company and won the grand prize
      industrial technology award for the month
    • 2013.12Approved new health technology
    • 2014.03Won the 48th exemplary taxpayer award
    • 2014.12Designated as a world-class producing product company
  • 2015.06Number.6 highest technology company of the Daegu Inno Polis


    • 2000.09Designated as a venture company
    • 2000.11Won award for exporting a million dollars & Ministry of Commerce,
      Industry and Energy’s citation
  • 2001.10Completed new research and development building (R&D center)
    • 2002.01Released the BLDC motor handpiece set (FORTE100)
    • 2002.07Designated as export company for promising small and
      medium-sized businesses (Daegu, Gyeongbuk export small and
      medium business center)
    • 2002.10Designated as promising company for small and medium-sized
      businesses (the Korea Development Bank)
    • 2002.11Designated as a leading small and medium-sized business
      (Daegu Metropolitan City)
  • 2003.11Won the excellence award of small and medium-sized businesses
    (Daegu Metropolitan City)
  • 2004.11Won award for exporting three million dollars
    • 2005.04Develop and released the dental surgical handpiece for the first time
      in Korea
    • 2005.11Won for exporting five million dollars and prime minister’s awards
    • 2006.08Built a laboratory for the company
      (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    • 2006.11Developed and released an implant reduce angle for the first time
      in Korea
    • 2006.12Designated as a technical innovative small and medium-sized
      businesses (INNO-BIZ)
  • 2007.10Designated as a Daegu metropolitan city local company
    (Daegu 3030 company)
    • 2008.01Designated as a parts specialized company
      (Industrial Support Division)
    • 2008.02Designated as a venture company (Technology guaranteed company)
    • 2008.05Designated as a Daegu Metropolitan City star company
    • 2008.08Became Saeshin precision Co., LTD through conversion to a
    • 2009.09Acquired export company internet authentication business Web seal
      certification (Daegu Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
    • 2009.10Implant surgical reduce engine set is acquired by US FDA certification
    • 2009.12Won the ten million dollars export award and Knowledge & Economy
      minister’s award


  • 1976.11Established company – Saeshin precision industry
  • 1982.12Medical appliance manufacturer permission
  • 1987.07Trade business registration
    • 1997.04Q (quality) mark acquired
    • 1997.07Current Seongseo factory built and expanded
  • 1998.05FDA official approval Medical device quality management